Tabbing & Reinforcing

We carry one of the largest inventories of Mylar Tabbing and Reinforcing worldwide!

Index Tab Film – Clear and Colors

Our Mylar Index Tabbing Film works extremely well with all types and brands of index tab machines.

Offering excellent clarity, our clear and color index tab films are made from a PET base with heat sealable adhesive on one side.

Each roll of film is precision slit to match common industry sizes and lengths. Custom widths and lengths are available.

We can match your unique color standards. Contact us to learn more.

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Edge Reinforcing Film and Tape

We offer a wide Range of films and tapes to fit all of your edge reinforcing needs: Heat Sealable, Pressure Sensitive (PST), Pancake rolls or spooled, and even special cut heat sealable “Patch Reinforcing Film.”

Have a special project that requires a unique color? Contact us to learn how we can help.

Whether you are using a Heated Sealing process or not… we have the right film or tape to fit your needs.

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Index Tabbing Film

We offer a large selection of Index Tab Film for use in producing Custom Index Tabs and Index Sheets for both the low volume and high volume tabbing industry.

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Laser Printable Tabbing Film

Laser Printable Index Tabbing Film is a specially formulated index tabbing film that can be printed on with a laser printer or laser copier.

Available in 5 colors and clear (blue, gray, green, red, yellow), 3 thicknesses (2.2mil, 2.5mil, 3.1mil), 2 standard widths (1 3/8” and 1 5/8”) and 2 standard lengths (2,000ft and 4,000ft).

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Neon Index Tabbing Film

Our Neon Index Tabbing Film is made up of 12 brilliant colors. Available in our standard width (1 5/8”) and standard length (2,000ft).

This line uses the same adhesive as our standard (Heavy Weight) Index Tabbing Film line.

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Low Temp Tabbing Film

We offer our standard index tabbing film (clear and 18 industry colors) in a Low Temp version.

Low Temp seals to card stock at a lower temperature, which can lead to increased running speed and less machine wear.

Low Temp film also adheres to a wider variety of card stock including some printed stocks.

Low temp and our standard Heavy Weight index tabbing film are priced the same.

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Quality Stik Tabbing Film

Quality Stik is available in clear, at our standard width (1 5/8”) and length (2,000ft).

It uses a specially designed adhesive, that seals out at a lower temp than even our Low Temp Film, that allows it to be sealed to full body printed stock (including aqueous coatings).

Insertable Tabbing Film

Insertable Tabbing Film allows the user to make divider tabs that can hold replaceable labels. Labels are printed or hand-written and then “inserted” in the tab.

They are available at 1.5” and 1.8” widths, and in several colors. Also available in our Rainbow format.

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Rainbow Film

We now offer Rainbow Film!  Enabling in-line collating. Available as index tabbing or insertable tabbing.

This film can be custom designed to meet your tab size and color sequence.

Contact us today for more information!

Edge Reinforcing Film

We supply the various sizes and configurations of Films used for Edge Reinforcing of Index Stock based paper.

Our Edge Reinforcing Films and Tapes work excellent in both “Sheet Fed” and High Speed “Web Based” Spooled application processes.

If you don’t see the size you require….contact us!

Edge reinforcing tape is available in clear, gold and custom colors.

It is also available in pads (reels or pancakes) or spools.

Transfer Tapes

We have a selection of transfer tapes available: Removable, Permanent and Super Permanent.

Contact us to learn more.

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Matte Tabbing Tape

We offer index tabbing tape with a matte finish in clear and 7 colors.

Typically offered in 1 5/8” (standard) widths, but available in other widths upon request.

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